The meridian points in the human body is an amazing presence, inline internal organs, limbs outside the department, is a human life blood of the channels of energy, the human body is linked into an organic whole. Meridian is the central nervous system the Recuperation of blood organs function. Meridian central nervous system acupoint start to play a remote control of the body's self-regulating potential be the acupoint some orderly stimulus outside can awaken within the human body a lot of potential, to stimulate the body's original self-regulating system (nervous, endocrine, immune) through the coordination of the physiological role of the organs and tissues in various organs, the body can play a role to the direction conducive to restoring health. A total of 361 points, the function and clinical role of the classic points in the human body not identical. Given the human health care considerations, hereby recommended to the common health points to share with you.